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"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - Confucius

Candidates - Our Approach

At Crawford-Brown we understand that deciding on your next career move is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Ensuring your candidate experience is as stress-free as possible is of the utmost importance to us, that’s why we tailor your experience to your personal needs, aspirations and expectations. And we strive to exceed them.


We start the process with a discovery call, this is when we ascertain your goals and get a deep understanding of your career objectives, we want to know your ambitions for today, in the next five years and the long-term.

It's important for us to understand the type of organisation you want to progress with, we look for similar objectives as those of our clients, the culture where we think you will be a perfect fit and a brand that is in alignment with your goals. We want to get to know the real you, what drives you and what type of person you are outside the work environment.

We are alongside you throughout the entire process, from our first chat until you are fully settled into your new position.

We are advocates for diversity and inclusion, hiring without bias and take a genuine caring and confidential approach for all those we work with.

If now is the time to progress your career and you want a career partner and consultant who truly listens and cares about your goals and aspirations then get in touch today.

CV or Resume Preparation

Your CV or Resume is the very first opportunity to make an impact on our clients. It should be presented as simple and as concise as possible. Some candidates believe that an extravagant design helps them to stand out, this is not the case unless it’s a specific design role you are applying for. It should be formatted with a black font that is easy to read on a simple plain white background.

Hiring managers are very busy people, often with hundreds of applications, they want to be able to scan your career highlights within a few minutes before investigating further.

Start with your name and contact details, followed by a profile section about yourself, try to make it as concise as possible and use words to define your professionality, examples might include problem-solver or strategist.

Your profile section is followed by your work experience, starting with your most recent role. This is headed with your job title and how long you have been with your current or past company. This is followed by one or two paragraphs outlining your main responsibilities. Continue this section with bullet points to state your deliverables.  


Following your deliverables complete a subheading for achievements, again bullet point this section. Examples might be exceeding targets or leading projects and managing teams that have excelled.  

For the education section, include only the last two levels of education achieved, with location and results.

A separate subheading can be used for highlights that you feel might help with your application.

Following education, a skills section should be included. Include hard skills first, include technologies you use. Examples might include the use of Salesforce or specific tools you use on a regular basis. Soft skills can also be added, this might include communication and negotiating skills or skills that highlight your adaptability.

An additional skills section can be added if relevant. Examples might include awards, certifications and sports teams you participate with alongside accomplishments that prove you work well within a team.


On completion, the document should be no longer than two pages.   

Submit CV or Resume

Please submit your CV with a brief description of the type of role you are interested in.

Core Areas
  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • RevOps

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